Our Strengths

At Kimgres we possess 6 core strengths that drives our organisation. These strengths are given back to our customers as end users in the value chain.


Our motivation runs deep in:

Concept & Design

Our XXX collections are versatile and adds wonder to an otherwise ordinary look. Making fashion statement with our exciting tiles is easy and hassle- free. Choose a theme perhaps and witness your personal oasis brought to life  with endless possibilities.

Our avant-garde designer collection combines material, textures and colours expresses attitude with a personality making all things possible for you to achieve the look you want. We offer one of the best product that can turn you into a self -made designer anytime.

Execution & Digitalisation

20% of our sales goes into continuous investment and innovation in high-end technology that has contributed valuable aesthetics to many of our country’s iconic developments, mega commercial projects and residential spaces possible in every part of the globe where people work, live and play.

Certainty of strength & Testified products

The assurance of testified products combined with our unique talents and certainty of strength (back by financial stability) to unleash your all creations and imaginations possible to bring new heights together.

R&D Attention-To-Detail

Our products are tested and benchmark locally as well as internationally. Undisputable quality for all applications indoors or outdoors possible.

Sketching & Drafting Masterpieces

Putting all ideas and pieces of creativity together has make us master of homes and preferred projects specifiers ready to serve and take on any challenging possibilities in the ever changing market.

Our People

Matching the right people to their passion and nurturing these talents, we have unlocked every hidden potential possible to serve you better.


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