BESPOKE is the first service in Malaysia to bring together advanced machinery and digital technology to provide custom-made digitally printed tiles. We produce exceptional products for interior and exterior spaces based on your desired design concept for properties and projects that you are working with.

Every project is different as is every client need. Our dedicated creative team will work closely with you to offer the perfect solution across all sectors, from small residential projects to large-scale commercial projects.

Beauty is personal.

Get your own style and charm.


Assisting in the ecology balance in the environment, these tiles portray the diverse characteristics of animals and add a wildlife note to otherwise ordinary space. Explore the SAFARI range for a unique environment in mind.


The change of season in the air! Time to try jazzing up on semi–western idea that looks natural coat of leather, cowhide and fringe to your living room! Cowhide pattern is a beautiful decorative, rustic and signifies personal exploration for a look that is durable and last for years. The natural rustic artistry is persevered, giving you a cosy lively ambiance to your living room.

Value in customisation.

Products that provide lasting impressions.


The retro design captures glamour and evokes nostalgic past trends. Interwoven with a remix of art and progress, these tiles make a great comeback in 2017. Culturally aged style has become functional at the present time with the use of different colour combinations, most of them on warm shades, unique colour mixes, geometric shapes, flowers and other designs.

Kimgres Bespoke RETRO adopts a trend that was hot in one decade providing unique inspirations for architecture, interior design, fashion, advertising and more. An unveiling throwback style that excites people, RETRO sets beautiful spaces with great designs that last.

New imaginative designs.

Name your creation.


‘Home Sweet Home’ is where we live and play.

A reflection of a home is interpreted with multiple avenues of smooth roads that link a great neighbourhood. This lively neighbourhood is surrounded by lush greeneries, singing chirping birds, children playing and friendly pets running around in a simple happy community.

A perfect place on a perfect day.

The heart of a city is interpreted in the simplicity of this illustration that conveys the place we live in has become fast pace and modern. Patterns are things like numbers, shapes, images that repeat in a logical way. Patterns help children learn to make predictions, to make logical connections and to use reasoning skills. Reality of heavy traffic and tall skyscrapers are expressed in this colorful tile.

It is this thoughtful approach to design that has made Kimgres one of the leading brand in the country.


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